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Entertainment 24 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

They are a small portion of diehards who never have enough. According to these fans unsatisfied, an event that would not have benefited from adequate treatment of the media during the year 2017. As astonishing as it may seem, it is the death of Johnny Hallyday, who has been a heartfelt homage to large scale, many blankets, and several hours of direct. But the heart has its reasons…

When one loves, one does not count. Or, rather, it’s never enough. This is the conclusion of the annual barometer of trust in the media produced by the institute Kantar / Tns for The newspaper la Croix. Looking back on the highlights of the news in 2017, and their treatment in the media, this survey reveals that some French, a subject that has been unjustly under-discussed by the media. And as amazing as it may seem, it is the death of Johnny Hallyday occurred in the night of 5 to 6 December 2017. The idol of the young, however, has received a great tribute popular on the Champs-Elysées, at a ceremony in the Church of the Madeleine covered by many media and is the subject of a multitude of press coverage.

These diehards are, however, a small fringe of the population, since they represent 3% of the French. More logical, 40% found the media coverage of adapted and 56% of them believe that the media too covered this event.

The passionate fans had to content themselves, they will be able to extend the tribute on the way to Saint Barth, where is buried the singer and, in particular, to stay in his luxurious villa, the residence of Jade who is now in a rental. But if they have not anticipated, it will take some patience, the house is already reserved for all weeks until September 2018.

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

Johnny Hallyday

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