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Entertainment 9 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

The tour had a lot to talk about. Between two sessions of chemotherapy to attempt to stop his cancer of the lungs, how Johnny Hallyday was he going to be able to provide on-scene with the gang of Old Villains ? This was without counting on the courage and fighting spirit of the rocker, that was not going to let the disease separate from his public. If he has found the strength to sing, the performance of the rocker for the tour had not been among the best of the star. However, some of the hypocrites have preferred nothing left to shine through. An attitude denounced by her two acolytes.

“Sometimes he went out to the scene to take in oxygen. The day before singing, he would change the blood. Then, inevitably, I was a little worried. The concerts of 2015 were necessarily much better”evidenced by Eddy Mitchell in Paris-Match. Under constant medical supervision, Johnny Hallyday was given the shock and the showman in him had been able to express themselves through intermittency.

He would have had to pay the entrance fee. It would have made a packet of money” laughs Jacques Dutronc in the privacy. Remarks reported by Paris Match, which tells the story of the “ball fake-ass” rushed in front of the dressing room of Johnny Hallyday after each concert. Despite the difficulties, the Old Scoundrels have eventually found a rocker more in shape, which will celebrate worthily the end of the tour on July 5 at Carcassonne.

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