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Entertainment 7 August, 2017


Johnny Hallyday is coming, this Sunday evening, to announce two tweets a touring “ rock and blues ” the next year. A surprising decision since he is fighting against lung cancer. But the ” Taulier ” is known, his best medicine, this is the scene ; and even when we advised him against, he cannot bring himself to abandon as during the recent tour of the Old Scoundrels.

In spite of his chemotherapy, Johnny remains tireless ; its 17 dates, with The Old Rogues have clearly not given the desire to preserve a little bit, on the contrary, it asks for more. It is as well as the rocker 74-year-old just announced on Twitter his return on stage next year : “Soon 2018 tour rock and blues , “wrote the husband of Laeticia in the caption of a photo of him in concert, which was published Sunday night on his account Instagram. A cliché to which another has succeeded in the night ; this time Johnny was there, standing, holding his bag of guitar, the warrior attitude, there, too, he announces his next tour. That is to say, if the star wants to roar.


An announcement made to the fans that had not surprised Pierre-Alexandre Vertadier, the producer of the concerts of ” the idol of young people ” : the man who has entrusted to the Paris do ” not surprised ” by these tweets : “It was still stalled no date, nor any room, but we’re talking about since the previous tour, ‘Stay Alive Tour’. It was not a secret to anyone that Johnny wanted to get back on stage and back on the road. And as in addition to the tour of the Old Scoundrels went well… “.


And, in fact, the series of concerts that Johnny has been given with Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc in June and July last, has had the effect of him reinflate the morale even if, always in the columns of Paris, close to the “Taulier “said that one night, the disease still has somewhat taken over :” During the first dates, Johnny was suffering from the heat, it was hard physically. One evening his doctor didn’t want him to go on stage ; Johnny was still given the concert a bit shortened only. But over the course of the tour, it was going better and better. ” And in fact, according to his chemotherapy sessions began in may last year would have worked well. Great news that he celebrates as he has currently with his family in his villa in Saint-Barthélemy.

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