Johnny Hallyday: What happened to Cheyenne, the little dog he adopted?

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

Johnny Hallyday had recovered him on the roadside during his motorcycle journey across the southern United States at the end of the summer. The adorable little dog is always faithful to the one who saved her … And she looks in great shape.
Remember, Cheyenne was this little pile of white and black hair that Johnny Hallyday had recovered on a road in the southern United States and brought home on his motorcycle. It was at the end of last summer, it was in 2016 …
Today, here she is, posing at the feet of her master, wisely. Proudly. Faithful. The dress is white and speckled with gray and we also notice some black spots here and there on the legs, tail, ears.
Since we had made on his Instagram account there are about five months, had seen her, or glimpsed, but we must believe that Cheynne likes his new family since discovers more , The tongue pink and well hung, in full form.
This time, she partnered with Johnny to wish everyone a good week. The rocker accompanied their photo of a mantra: love is all . Love is all that matters, and not Cheyenne who say the contrary … if she could speak.