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Entertainment 9 December, 2017

Johnny McDaid

After the ceremony at the Madeleine in Paris, Johnny Hallyday will be buried on the island of Saint Barth that he loved so much. The desire of the singer who has also chosen the name he wanted inscribed on his tomb.

Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced Saturday in Paristo attend the tribute popular made by Johnny Hallyday. On the passage of the procession between the mont Valérien and the Concorde via the Champs-Elysées, or in front of the church of the Madeleine, the sound of the songs in the rocker or in chanting ” Johnny, Johnny “, they all wanted to participate to this unique moment in the history of the song in France. Relatives of Johnny Hallyday were able to appreciate such enthusiasm, even if he did not have to always be easy to gather in the serenity. A more intimate and calmer will, without doubt, the funeral of Johnny Monday on the island of Saint-Barth.

Johnny Hallyday will be buried on this small corner of paradise that he so loved and to which he flew away as soon as he could. A decision which has not failed to be controversial, creating uproar among the fans disappointed of having to pay a plane ticket to go on the grave of their idol. But it is Johnny himself who has asked to be buried in Saint-Barth. Just as he has requested that this is not his stage name Johnny Hallyday, which is engraved on his tomb, but his birth name, Jean-Philippe Smet. The surname of his father, who was abandoned at birth and with which he then went on to complex reports, up to attend, alone, at her funeral.

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