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Entertainment 8 December, 2017


He has sung and lived the love, in the light, of famous shots of lightning breaks memorable, until his encounter with Laeticia. Died on the 6th of December, the rocker, however, has brought with him one last secret about his love life…

Giant fragile, rocker and electric animal, idol if manly and sensitive at the time, Johnny Hallyday will be little known of his mother, his deepest wound, but it will attracts the women, its best vestals.

Some have labeled the film – Sylvie Vartan, her first love ; Babeth Etienne, strike of lightning reduced to ashes ; Nathalie Baye, his passion for the big screen ; Adeline Blondieau, adventure impossible ; or Laeticia, his last love – when others have slid into oblivion, such as the singer Nanette Workman, or appeared as flirts with no future, like Catherine Deneuve… Johnny himself lived only for the memories, tender or irate, to come. Not a glimpse of the past in his blue eyes. Very little nostalgia in his interviews.

A single woman was an austere reminder of her memory. Johnny nicknamed ” Lady Lucille “, as an evocation of the light that she had made for 30 years, but also the darkness in which he preferred to retain it. Mentioned in a few biographies, but ignored by the general public, it will remain without a name, nor face. Just a song title on the album Lorada, released in 1995, shortly after his meeting with Laeticia. On this song the idol sings : “If too often, I’ll call you / Si tu te lasses of me / Though sometimes I’m unfaithful / I’ve never loved you / this is too / Is-this that you make me fly / Is it that you don’t know / All the days that I gave to you / Between the fear and the scene / This is the time for you to come (…) “

In his autobiography, Destroy, published in 1999, the ‘dance with the shadow :” Since the day in 1961 when, for the first time, I played the guitar for Lady Lucille, she has always opened the doors of his heart. When I broke up with Sylvie, she was there… When I wanted to kill myself, it was still there… When I broke up with Nanette Workman, she was always there… When I broke up with Babeth, she came back to me… When Nathalie and me we separated, once more she has put balm on my wounds… She continues to say that I am the man of her life. I still believe that a lasting bond can only be put in danger. We are both wanderers of the love. I don’t want to hurt him. I want to preserve it as she knew so well how to preserve his private life and his career. But I say never enough thank you… “

Recently interviewed by Express, Bernard Violet, among the countless biographers of Johnny, wanted to be a little more specific : “I can name person, respect for private life requires. But Johnny told me in detail of this woman, a French actress very well known, which has been the great passion of his life, intermittently, ever since they met in the early 1960s. He often returned to it in his moments of despair (… ) “

Today, it is this mysterious Lady Lucille crying.

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