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If Hallyday liked to regularly change the entourage, the guitarist Robin Le Mesurier was accompanied on stage for almost a quarter of a century.

Their meeting date from 1994. At the time, Robin Le Mesurier is already a guitarist very experienced : four albums and many tours with Rod Stewart, a disk with the Rolling Stone Ron Wood, a group with Bernie Taupin, the lyricist for Elton John.

Born in London in 1953, Robin Le Mesurier is the son of the british actor John Le Mesurier. The face of the cinema and tv English, particular in The Pink Panther of Blake Edwards and the entire first season of the series Hat Melon and boots of leather. His thing is blues rock, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, or Eric Clapton.

In 1994, therefore, Johnny Hallyday prepares an album sung in English, Rough Town. The producer of the time, Chris Savadogo, the present. It does leave more : Robin wrote two songs on the disc, and, now, it will be all his tours, Lorada Tour to Stay Living Tour, passing by the concert at Eiffel Tower. With over 1000 shows, on stage together. It is besides of the recording of the album posthumous Johnny which should be out before the summer, alongside Maxim Nucci and Yarol Poupaud. With these last two and Matthieu Chedid, it was part of the four musicians who have provided the musical atmosphere at the funeral of Hallyday at the Madeleine.

Throughout his long career, Johnny Hallyday has always taken great care to surround himself with the best guitarists. In the 60s there was Mick Jones (future creator of Foreigner) and occasionally Jimi Hendrix, in the 70’s Peter Frampton. Then Norbert Krief aka Nono, co-founder with Bernie Bonvoisin from the group Trust. And finally, Robin Le Mesurier, the one who remained at his side for the longest time.

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