Jon Snow, Arrow … these heroes of series that we would like to dredge in real life

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

All these heroes are incredibly beautiful, that’s true. But above all, they have characters that melt us. Now, who would like to dredge in real life?
When following Game of Thrones, Arrow , Outlander or The Vampire Diaries , it is extremely difficult to be interested in boys called “normal” . Far from us the idea of ​​discrediting them, on the contrary (we find good guys everywhere). But we’re not going to lie, your neighbor next to Jon Snow, it’s not exactly the same template, they do not play in the same yard. Because it is not forbidden to dream, here are all the heroes of series that we would like to flirt in real life (if we had the courage, of course).
Jon Snow

Jon Snow is surely the only reason why some watch Game of Thrones . He is the hero badass by excellence but in addition, it is sweet. And admit it, because he saw his bad situation “bastard” , you would well cross the screen to comfort him.

Arrow is rich and although it is very important, it does not matter what counts. He is an adventurer who has a sense of justice and who, in addition, brings his family before the rest. And then present it to his mother, it must be quite exhilarating.
Jamie Fraser

Oh, Jamie . Where to start ? By her flaming hair? By his perfect body? By his sense of honor and his uprightness? Worse, by this mania he has to save his wife from everything, all the time? Jamie Fraser nears perfection and if we could, we would go down well a bottle of whiskey for courage to speak to her without stammering . When we think that Claire had to drink to marry her …!
Damon Salvatore

Because whatever one may say, we love all the bad boys . Damon and his sarcasm, Damon and his blue eyes, Damon and his smiles in the corner … we understand why Elena could not resist. Besides, the Delena couple belongs to those couples who charms us in 2016.
Caleb Rivers

In the age of digital and 2.0, having a geek confirmed on hand is perfect. Besides being beautiful and funny, Caleb knows how to spit any information on a hard drive and more, he can hack any site . And that’s useful.
The Captain Hook

Already, because it is much more sexy than that of the original version but above all, because to go on holiday, you would embark on a magic boat. Farewell the endless queue to go check in at the airport!
Stefan Salvatore

Because a nice boy, it does not hurt.
Jackson Avery

Imagine landing a bit at the ER and falling on Jackson’s look-alike. We agree, you would invent all the possible diseases so that it keeps you in observation. Jackson is smart, he is able to overcome anything (such as loss of a baby) and besides, he is not afraid to confront his feelings . * sigh * .