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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


Joy Hallyday now lives in the most painful moments of her childhood. While she is crying, currently the disappearance of his father, who had died in the night of 5 to 6 December, the little girl is preparing to celebrate his first Christmas and his first birthday without him.

On December 22, 2008, Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday became parents for the second time. The rocker being retained in hong Kong for the shooting of the film Revenge of Johnnie to, this is his wife and their eldest daughter Jade who had made the trip up to the orphanage Bae Giang, Vietnam, to welcome the little Joy, born on the 27th of July. “We had prepared it all in two, like a party, something very happy “, said then the young mother in the columns of the magazine Gala. For the occasion, Jade is looking forward to the idea of becoming a big sister, had even asked to go to the hairdresser and had not hesitated to break his piggy bank to buy a dress for the baby, that she was the first to take her in his arms.

Today 9-year old, Joy will now have to learn to grow up without his dad, Johnny Hallyday passed away in the night of 5 to 6 December. An ordeal very painful for the girl, as demonstrated by her tears during the heartfelt homage rendered to the rocker on Saturday, 9 December, at the church of the Madeleine. Relatives and accomplices, Joy and Johnny Hallyday formed a duo, father-daughter close. So much so that the little girl has no doubt inherited the artistic soul of the Taulier, who described it as a real “showgirl” in an interview with Télé 7 jours in 2014.

“I like to play songs of my friend Jacques Dutronc, it is amusing. I am in total awe of my children. And it makes me happy “, told it, glad that his younger daughter has a true passion for the dance and the piano. Fortunately, despite his sentence, the small Joy, his sister Jade, and their mom, Laeticia Hallyday can count on the support d‘Hélène Darroze, the godmother of Joy, Jean Réno, the godfather of Jade but also of Laura Smet et David Hallyday, who poses as big brother protector.

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