Jul explains his absence and announces the heavy for 2017

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

Jul is quite silent lately. In the shadow, he is already working on three new projects that are likely to shake everything in 2017.
If Jul explodes with its clip Who says it is rather quiet lately. His album The UFO has’m still number one, the Marseille does already more the promo and is already beginning to floor on new projects. On his Facebook page , he explained his silence in a small message for his fans. Very busy, he announced that already completed two new albums and is already working on a third . A frenzied cadence that made its success in 2016. Last year, the little genius of the rap released four albums a few months apart. Never seen. The rapper does not even sleep at night, too eager to send more and to remain number one of sales in France.
While it may not unanimous among rap enthusiasts, Jul has no use for mockery, as the video showing him in Harry Potter . Often mocked for his texts and his self-tuned voice, the artist continues to impose his style. Hard worker, always ready to bleed to please his fans , it hurts to competition, as Nekfeu and PNL, yet big record sellers. But can not this omnipresence in the world of music risk wearying? Since he knew the glory, Marseille does not stop to regale us with new sounds. Beware of overdose. Are you looking forward to hearing new songs from Jul?
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