Jul: Free Album vol. 3 unveiled in full, top 5 of our favorite tracks

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

And here is the free album vol. 3 of Jul is finally available. Check out our 5 favorite tracks.
When Jul predicts something, know that he sticks to it. As expected, the rapper unveiled a sound a day to let the public know his new free album. In 15 days we were thus entitled to 15 new titles totally unpublished. Now that all the pieces have been released, we have been able to listen to them carefully to offer you the top 5 sounds that have marked us most. We start with the end because it is the last title put online that we chose to put in fifth position. With “Nobody is perfect” Jul repays the haters in the best way possible so we can only validate! We then put “Oh the they put”, his famous nod to Tupac . We love the word play!
It is ” Thunderbolt ” that seizes third place . We particularly appreciated this piece since Jul reveals himself like never before and shows a facet of him still unknown. In the second place, we chose to place the sound “With my boys” because we like its ambient chorus and its punchlines that pass well: “instead of talking about mine, live your life.” Who knows, maybe the piece will be even better than “Tchikita”? Concerning the first place, drum roll … It will be “Crizeotiek” because it feels good to find a Jul who rap rap pure and hard and who moves us with a flow to the old. And you, what is your top 5?