Jul: I do not see myself shining, the feats we would like to see on his next album

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

Who will be present in feat on I do not see myself shining, the new album of Jul? Check out the betting tips.
Last year, Jul blew us into the feat of releasing 4 albums in one year. But while it was thought that he would give himself a well deserved break after having so much coal, the rapper Marseille seems to want to start again on the same bases as in 2016: indeed, after unveiling a first album gratos to the Last March, the author of “Wesh then” is about to hand the cover on June 30 with a new opus, paying this time, of which Jul unveiled a first excerpt, I do not see myself shining. Yes, the guy is a machine … And while he has already promised that we would find several featurings on this new album, discover the names that we would like to find there.
“I think we made at least 4 sounds in 10 hours of studio,” said Kalash Criminel, as he unfolds the scenes of his feat with Jul in an interview for our colleagues at Rapunchline . While one of these 4 tracks has already been on Oyouki , the new mixtape of the rapper of Sevran released on May 19, it is a safe bet that a new collaboration could end up on one of the 24 I do not see myself shining. Given the heaviness of “I do not understand” , title of their first collaboration, we can only wait their next featuring with impatience …
For the rest of the featurings, hard to know what to expect. A collaboration with Sofiane, who recently dedicated #TeamJul in her piece “Maitre Ruben” ? A new feat with Soprano, Alonzo, Hoos, Gradur, or Vitaa (who only said good of Jul in our interview) , with whom he has already collaborated in the past? With SCH, one of the only big rappers Marseilles with whom he never collaborated? The Rat Luciano, legend of French rap, that Jul appreciates very much, and with whom he was supposed to make a feat? Two years ago, when Melty had interviewed him, he had also promised us a feat with a big American star. Since then, more news. Will we be entitled to it at last? Answer in a few weeks … What featuring would you like to hear about I do not see myself shining, Jul’s new album?