Jul: I do not see myself shining, this album is going to be the best of his career?

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

While I do not see myself shining, the new album of Jul, will be released in two days, this new opus is it to be the best of his career?
This Friday, Jul will be back in the box with I do not see myself shine , album on which we find Beely, which Jul unveiled the clip a few weeks ago. And yes, only 3 months after his free album, the rapper Marseille again made his comeback in the ferries. As has been the tradition since last year, when he had released 4 albums (two free and two paying), after a free first album, places his first paid album of the year. The rapper of Marseille has inevitably worked harder than the previous one, the free albums representing the playgrounds, while the paying opus are supposed to be the albums where he leaves the heavy artillery, those for which he has Kept the best pieces.
A few weeks ago, on Facebook, Jul asked his fans to take a short look at what was going on, and what was wrong with his music. Result? Many members of the #TeamJul advised him to aim for quality rather than quantity. Message received 5/5 by the rapper Marseille, who, a little later, promised “good pieces” and “good little featurings” . And actually, featurings side, he did not disappoint: with Kalash Criminel and Rat Luciano on the tracklist of I do not see myself shining, Jul has put us more than well, and we are already looking forward to listening to these tracks , Which promise to be promising.
What about the rest? True to his habits, the rapper Marseille is once again very generous by having prepared 24 pieces for I do not see myself shining . 24 tracks, of which we have only heard two excerpts for the moment: “I do not see myself shining”, which is the first single unveiled by Jul , and “Beely” . Result? Without being fundamentally bad, these two titles do not revolutionize the formula of the author of “Wesh then” . Once again, we are completely in familiar territory. Until then, it did not bother his fans, who continue to respond in the charts, although we still note a form of weariness on the part of some for some time. Did Jul take more risks on the rest of the album to satisfy this part of his fans who ask for a little change? Answer in two days … And you, do you think I do not see myself shining could be the best album of Jul?