Jul in Harry Potter, the video that makes the buzz

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Victim of his success, Jul, number one of the sales with his last album, is subject to some mockery on the canvas.
For the second consecutive week, Jul is a number of top albums in France with the UFO . The Marseille rapper fights the scores right now by exceeding 200,000 sales. Double platinum a little more than a month after the release of his opus, the little genius has become a pillar of French song. But this success is double-edged. Jul If can count on a million fans on Facebook , others are quick to mock him at every turn. This is the case in recent hours with a video that makes the buzz and attracted more than 1.4 million views.
What relation can it exist between Harry Potter and Jul at by they are both in the Ultimate category for Fanbase melty Future Awards 2017 ? A video shared by Natchuu shows a scene from the famous saga with a guest appearance from rapper , who was edited out. Obviously, you will have understood, all this is a trick to make fun of the repertoire of Marseilles, which is not necessarily to everyone’s tastes. Fortunately, the artist does not really pay attention to all these pikes thrown against him on the web and keeps his legendary good humor. What do you think of the small appearance of Jul in Harry Potter?
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