Jul over Nekfeu, PNL and Kaaris, a big difference on the sales figures

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Jul dismisses everything with his latest album L’Ovni. Double disc of platinum, it continues to climb and exceeds its comrades rappers.
It seems indefinable. Leading the top albums for weeks , Jul piqued the limelight from M Pokora and his album My Way . Now it’s the UFO , recently certified double platinum proofed that all public favor. Behind, the rappers do the trunk and can not go beyond the little genius of writing. According to Laurent Bouneau , CEO of Twitter programs, the opus of Marseilles would have passed to 13,636 copies last week , largely ahead of competition.
Nekfeu side, which is the second ranking in France, sales figures reach 12 917 copies gone for Cyborg . Fifth, the PNL group sold 8989 copies in the legend . Kaaris, Booba just insulted small player , is not left since the French ninth top, it sold 6546 copies of Okou Gnakouri , just before the superstar The Weeknd and its 5444 sales Starboy , yet first Billboard 200 in the United States. Once again, the interpreter of “Tchikita” proves that his talent is better than others. Moreover, to stay in the game, he said it had already written two new albums for 2017 and working on a third. A machine. Did you buy Jul’s latest album?
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