Jul, PNL, SCH, are the three letters the key to success in rap fr?

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

Jul, PNL and SCH all boards, with very different styles of music. Their common thread? Have a three-letter name.
Jul, PNL, SCH. Despite their very different types of rap, they are among the last three biggest cartons on the French rap side. Okay, SCH is a bit underneath. But given the enthusiasm surrounding the announcement of his new album (which SCH did yesterday ) , it is believed not to take too much risk by saying that his new album entitled Deo Favente will certainly be a great success. Two rappers and a duo, which have one common point: that of having a three-letter name. So, is there to be a blaze in three letters to be able to break into rap? We asked the question in melty.
On the one hand, seeing record sales of the three names mentioned above (they were all minimum platinum discs), or seeing the popularity of DTF and MHD (which has just been recruited for MIA for A concert in London) , we can say that there is a true correlation between having a three-letter name and succeeding in rap. Maybe people remember your name more easily, that it’s more impactful than a blaze. But at melty, it is said rather that all these artists have succeeded in creating a universe of their own: Jul, we associate it with its simplicity and its instruments a little reggaeton, PNL, it is instrus, asked texts Introspective and clip of ef, MHD and his afrotrap festive … They all managed to create their own trick, Which is immediately identifiable, both musically and visually. And this is certainly what makes the success of these three-letter rappers today. And do you think that having a three-letter name is synonymous with success in rap?