Jul returning with I Do not See Me Shine, why we validate his big return

Entertainment 19 May, 2017

While he has just unveiled his new clip I do not see myself shine, discover now why we validate thoroughly this return.
After a year 2016 of folly, during which he released 4 albums (2 free and 2 paying), Jul left again on the same bases as last year releasing a free first album from the beginning of the year. But while it was thought that his creative reservoir was inexhaustible, it arrived what it had to happen after a moment: with this new free album, Jul has a little disappointed his fans, who asked him to Calm down a bit on quantity, and work a bit more on quality. Message received 5/5 by the rapper Marseille, as proves the first excerpt of his new album, which he has just revealed, and that you are now drowned.
On the music side, no big change for the rapper. As soon as the instructor starts, one recognizes his paw directly. And the following gives us reason: refrain autotuné and heady, simple couplets but effective … We are in known terrain, and “I do not see myself shining” has all the ingredients to loop on the radio. On the other hand, it is at the level of the clip that one can note a change: while for his free album, he made his own clips, this time he entrusted the realization to a professional team. The result is a rather cool clip, which tells the story of a young boxer, who follows all the training before he ends up climbing into the ring, sape gold and platinum on his back, name Of the clothing brand of Jul, Whose new album is eagerly awaited. A return generally rather successful for the rapper, whose nonetheless we wait for the next tracks to see if he really took into account the advice of his fans. And you, what do you think of I do not see myself shining?