Jul returns to the sources with his freestyle # BreakingNewsPart1, the clip unveiled

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

While waiting for a new excerpt of his new opus I do not see myself shining, Jul makes us wait with a freestyle old very cool.
After a very prolific 2016 year in which he chained 4 albums in a row, it was thought that Jul was going to take a break, to rest a little. And no: with a first free album released at the beginning of the year, and a new one, paying this time, scheduled for next month, the rapper Marseille left on the same bases as last year. While awaiting a possible second extract of I do not see myself shine, of which Jul unveiled the first clip last week , the rapper of the city Phocaean has just put online a freestyle surprise, which you are now discovered .
Posted on his Facebook page in the night of Thursday to Friday, at more than 2 h of the mat ‘, the rapper Marseille shows again how much he does not care the techniques of usual promos. The guy does this instinctively: if he wants to put his video online, he does it, no matter what time. A UFO this Jul, and that’s why we love it! Regarding the clip itself, it is a bit of a return to the sources that he offers us: a simple clip, shot in the street, surrounded by his friends. Same thing for the freestyle: a face B, a microphone, and rap pure and hard. A little old-fashioned sound, which will certainly make fans to the first hour of Jul, which Vitaa only said good in our exclusive interview. What do you think of this freestyle of Jul?