Jul, Seth Gueko, Sniper … The worst French errors in rap songs

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

Frankly, Moliere would tap a few back somersaults in his grave while listening to these rap pieces.
Everything is surely started with a good intention when Jul (who recently unveiled a new freestyle) released his third album for free. Not a penny to pay to listen to his new sounds legally, not bad not? It has even been said that thanks to him, we may end the month in the red to eat salt pasta for two weeks. Yeah, it could have been really cool if our ears did not bleed on the piece ” Thunderbolt ” … It was fatal this one. Fortunately (or not), he is not the only one to have massacred the French language between two punchlines . There were some who gave themselves to heart in the recording booth. Result? Fouls bigger than the biceps of B20 …
Jul to 1’41
We did not quite tease you the stuff just above, but Jul did not really assured on the piece ” Thunderbolt ” . The guy was doing well in making an anti-love song like we love. Then it slipped on the second verse: “And if I gave up what I had, you would have already put me out .” Sure, that’s what you say, you take the door my guy.
Sniper at 0’37
Yes, even on the great classics of French rap we find errors! Admit that you were looping on the sound “Engraved in the rock” when you were a kid without capturing that there was a monstrous fault: “Yes it is of which I speak it would be lying if I would say That it’s the same. ” Sorry to spoil everything, but the rock has flaws …
113 to 1’31
A myth ends with the song “Au Sommum” . The guys managed to swing oklm: “We know who dominates. ” We also know who dried a little too many courses.
Seth Gueko at 3’23
And finally, we thank Seth Gueko for the incredible, genial, phenomenal couplet that he released on the remix of “Bafana Bafana” with La Fouine : “In rap I have no rivals.” In grammar no more apparently…