Julie Andrieu: The death of his mother Nicole Courcel is still taboo

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

Six months after the death of his mother, the famous Nicole Courcel, Julie Andrieu still has trouble talking about this painful disappearance. Mother and daughter were very close.

Aged 85, Julie Andrieu’s mother, actress Nicole Courcel, died last June. A painful episode to live for her daughter, who struggles to recover. Asked about this by our colleagues from France Sunday , host France Télévisions declined to expand on the subject. ” I’d rather not talk about Mom. It’s still too” fresh “too painful … I need it to be what I am today. And it is thanks to her and my grandmother I discovered the kitchen, “she said.
The facilitator of Julie Diaries on France 3 and his mom had a very special bond. In the pages of Gala , Julie Andrieu had told us they were “children of the last chance” for Nicole Courcel . The actress, who became pregnant with Julie 42 years, had previously “lost twins after their birth” . For her, her daughter, she “practically stopped working” still tells the presenter. “Mom has kept father and mother roles,” has she revealed yet. Then, around the age of 8, Julie Andrieu met her dad. “Even if we do not see each other often, we are close and I consider his children as my brother and sister.”
Nicole Courcel was back on the history of the birth of Julie Andrieu, in the columns of France Sunday, four years ago. “The meeting with her dad was a beautiful love story, which our daughter is the fruit. But this man had a wife, a child … and there was no question that he abandons them. ” It is the actress who, between filming and evenings, managed to take only care – almost – Of his only child. Until it takes off and leaves the home at the age of 17. Today, Julie Andrieu is married to Stéphane Delajoux and is the mother of two children, Gaia, aged one year and Hadrian, born in 2013.