Julie Andrieu, the death of his mother Nicole Courcel: “It’s still too painful”

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

The facilitator shared her pain.
June 25, Nicole Courcel has died at home at the age of 84. This great actress was none other than the mother of the television presenter Julie Andrieu. Six months after the death of her mother, the gastronomic journalist confided briefly to this loss, always trying.
Magazine France Dimanche , Julie, aged 42, said with emotion that it is too difficult to evoke the disappearance his mother: ” It’s still too fresh, too painful … I need it to be this I am today. and it is thanks to her and my grandmother that I discovered the kitchen. “the presenter of Julie Diaries will not extend more on this, explaining that Is not yet ready.
However, Julie Andrieu, mother of Hadrian (4 years) and Gaia (1 year), says more about her children, whose father is none other than the French neurosurgeon Stephane Delajoux. Very family, the sublime forty years confides to have learned to say no since she became mum. ” I make sure to spend as much time with my children to teach them respect for others and pass them what Mom had given me. Autonomy, including to create and discover ,” she says. Regarding her young daughter, who celebrated her first birthday on December 18, Julie Andrieu says with humor: ” I named Gaia as the patron goddess of the Earth She has work.! ”
Blending perfectly professional and private life and putting her children first, Julie Andrieu has a regret. As she told two months ago the magazine Gala , his mother Nicole Courcel has not really known her grandchildren because of his illness.