Julie Depardieu tender face Mareva Galanter and Nikos greedy accomplices

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

Fauchon house celebrated its 130th anniversary with dignity!
exclusif-julie-depardieu-et-jean-pierr130 years is worth celebrating! This is the glorious age of the home Fauchon, she celebrated as it should be November 24 in its historic boutique in Place de la Madeleine. Around Michel Ducros, a shareholder of Fauchon, and Michel Girault, Chairman of the company, many celebrities have found themselves under the sign of gastronomy, gluttony and good humor.
Julie Depardieu , festive and charming, has found his friend Jean-Pierre Marielle . Together, they gave the replica in La Petite Lili of the late Claude Miller . A film for which the two artists had obtained the César for best supporting role and hope – for Julie – and a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor – Jean-Pierre. Thirteen years after the release of this film, modern transposition of the play The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, the complicity between the two actors is intact.
The daughter of Gerard and Elisabeth Depardieu was not the only family member comedians to be of the party: the heroine of the hit series do not, will not do that , Valérie Bonneton , was able to sample the delights of Fauchon, as Clovis Cornillac . It knows about cooking, since it embodies, for the second season, the main character of the series Heads . Figures from TV Laurence Ferrari , Bruce Toussaint , Nikos Aliagas and Pierre Dhostel but also designer Chantal Thomass accompanied by two dancers Crazy Horse Paris, Sylvie Hoarau duo Brigitte, the sublime Mareva Galanter which provides one of the voices of Disney cartoon Vaiana , model, Audrey Marnay , journalist Thomas Joubert writer Gonzague Saint-Bris or man of the case “Societe Generale” Jérôme Kerviel participated in the event.
Guests were able to discover a whole new showcase for the home Fauchon, who, after ten months of work, proposes a new exceptional place in Paris. More than a point of sale Paris, this case embodies the know-how, quality, refinement and spirit Fauchon, worldwide. Throughout the evening, guests were able to taste the dishes prepared by Chef Sébastien Monceaux and Chef Patrick Pailler, respectively Head Chef and Pastry Chef of the House. Fauchon also had the pleasure of hosting some of the heads have marked the gastronomic history of the House, including Sébastien Gaudard, Maurice Carton, Paul Berthon, Jean-Michel Perruchon Benedict Couvrand or Arnaud Larher. Each of them was able to present an original creation in honor of the famous house and its founder, Auguste Fauchon. And on this occasion, a new collection was created limited edition print of an elegant Art Deco atmosphere.