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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


In the columns of the last issue of the magazine Society, Julie Gayet has responded to an interview somewhat shifted. The opportunity for the actress to confide and to talk about an unlikely request for an autograph.

In its new issue, the magazine Society now give the floor to Julie Gayet. The actress is now under the spotlight. The lebanese film The insult, produced by his production box Red international, has been nominated in the category of best foreign language film at the prestigious Oscars. A new joy for the actress who could make it to the event on the arm of his companion, François Hollande. In fact, since he left the Elysée, the ex-president of the Republic shows his love for the beautiful in the big day. Both lovers of the cinema, François Hollande and Julie Gayet will may be set on the seats of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on march 4, next.

In the meantime, Julie Gayet is ready to play the interviews. In Society, she answered the questions somewhat offset by a journalist. The magazine spoke to the actress of a british surgeon who has recently admitted to having used a laser to engrave his initials on the liver of two of his patients. A far-fetched idea that has reacted to the actress. She then confided that some people had already asked to “sign, François Hollande,” in the autograph. “It is strange, no ?” an amused Julie Gayet. Yes, the query is strange indeed.

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Julie Gayet, François Hollande

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