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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


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In a relationship with France Gall for five years, remained very attached to the singer, Julien Clerc did not, however, made to the cemetery Montmartre, Friday, January 12, to attend the funeral of the one he so loved.

A very sad day of good-byes. After learning of the death of France Gall Sunday 7 January 2018, fans of the singer were given the opportunity to pay their last respects at the funeral home on Mont Valérien during two days of public commemoration. On Friday, the body of the interpreter of Sacred Charlemagne was transported to the cemetery of Montmartre, in Paris, where were gathered his family and relatives. While nearly 200 onlookers gathered in the vicinity of the wall of the enclosure, the funeral had take place in front of the tomb where lie already Michel Berger and Pauline, the couple’s daughter, who died at the age of 19 years. During their final goodbyes to the one they loved, the companion and the son of France Gall were surrounded by many personalities, among which Mathieu Chedid, Cécile Cassel, Jane Birkin, Calogero, or Carole Bouquet. However, no trace of Julien Clerc, the man with whom France Gall, however, has shared a part of his life.

Stayed away, stayed quiet, Julien Clerc has not sought to justify his absence. During five years, from 1969 to 1974, yet it has spun the perfect love in the arms of the young woman. The two lovebirds met at the theatre de la Porte-Saint-Martin, in Paris, in the musical comedy Hair. The love is there but the couple, for fear of angering the fans of Julien Clerc, is not allowed to appear in public. France Gall finally decided to exit the interpreter, This is nothing. Him, pulls out the piece to Suffer for you is not to suffer in order to try to make it back. Shortly after, unfortunately for him, France Gall wife Michel Berger. “For her to come back, I’ve tried everything “, confided Julien Clerc later. In the announcement of the death of the one he had so long loved, the artist’s 70-year-old has written a short message. It was published on twitter on the same day of the disappearance of France Gall. Julien Clerc says: “in France, we had 20 years, of joys, of sorrows. A part of my life goes with you”. Since then, over a word.

France, we had 20 years, of joys, of sorrows. A part of my life goes with you. Julien

— Julien Clerc (@JulienClerc_Off) January 7, 2018

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