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During their relationship, France Gall, whose career was in a wing at the time, has lived in the shadow of Julien Clerc. A difficult situation for the young woman. To the point of precipitating their break-up. In the biography of France Gall – love, songs and tears, written by Alain Wodrascka, the producer Bernard Saint-Paul reflects on this period of his personal life.

In December 1969, France Gall falls in love with Julien Clerc. At this time, the career of the singer has experienced a rising phase : he played the first role in the musical Hair at the theater of Porte-Saint-Martin. For the young woman, it is a real stroke of lightning. The two lovers settled in the apartment in the Sixteenth arrondissement of the family Gall. But out of his side, France Gall does not quite have the same success, and finds herself in the shadow of the singer. A place in the second plan it’s hard to accept. For not drawing too much attention to it and shadow the career of her man, it is called France Gall not to accept interviews with journalists and wear wigs to attend incognito to concerts of his companion.

France Gall remains behind and takes care of the home. Between 1969 and 1974, Julien Clerc knows the glory while his wife barely exist. Between the two lovers, the relationship is acrimonious. “She lived with josh, who could not bear that she sings, he considered that it was either one or the other that was doing the job, and he had decided that this would be the star,” says Bernard Saint-Paul, in the biography of France Gall – love, songs and tears written by Alain Wodrascka. Words severe enough for the behaviour of Julien Clerc. “In short, he considered it just good to make jam, This does not diminish the love he felt for her, but he had a self-sufficient macho !” says the producer. In 1974, the couple separated, but Julien Clerc will keep a lot of affection for his former companion. At the death of the singer, he is one of the first to react on social networks. “France, we had 20 years, of joys, of sorrows. A part of my life goes with you ” had tenderly said Julien Clerc on his Twitter account.

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