Julien Clerc: who is his wife Helen Gremillon?

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The singer released a best album titled ‘fans, I love you , this November 18th. But his heart still beats faster for this woman of letters, met there over fifteen years, for which he did not hesitate to become dad for almost sixty years …

clercouvSince 2000, it is his preference to him . Servant of all its pleasures, it continues to give him “you” . Between them, deference has become almost an erotic play. Thirty years separate them. It would be tempting to believe that his Botticellian beauty, her auburn curls, her skin of pearl and its sensual forms were enough to delight Julien Clerc. Grémillon Helena, 39, novelist by trade, has equally attracted the interpreter of Women, I love you , 69, with his mastery of words.
She is the woman of his rebirth. He is the man who allowed it to happen. The conjunction of the stars was perfect. When they meet at the beginning of the new millennium, Julien has just separated from Virginia Coupérie-Eiffel, the mother of his daughter Vanilla, after fifteen years of marriage. Attracted by the effervescence of Parisian life, Helen, she left her hometown of Poitiers, a few months. A graduate of Arts, she has worked as an editor in advertising, signed a few rods in print, and, waiting to deliver a first novel, assists Thierry Ardisson on filming right bank, left bank . Guest of the show, Julien Clerc can not resist his charm, candor mixing and full femininity. From him she knows the song It’s nothing . From her, he wants to know everything.
For Helen, then twenty-three, the marathon runner of the French variety , which already has thirty year career, went to live in the very bobo 11 th arrondissement of Paris. They love each other like two teenagers fleeing worldliness, travel around the world and end up making a baby, Leonard, who was born in 2008. He is a fifth child to Julien, still sexy, but sexagenarian recently. Happiness all over again with Helen and the “gift of life” is stronger than everything.
Clandestine lovers make their first public appearance on the occasion of the inauguration of Jean-Louis Dabadie, fetish lyricist Julian, at the Academy of Fine Arts, in March 2009 . The world discovers the beautiful eyes of Helen . In every sense, because at the time, videos she made also accompanied her on stage lovers. A year later, the young woman released by Plon his first novel, The confidant . Julien is the best press officer. The theme of the book – a woman on the death of his mother, discovers the truth about his birth – is not without reminding the singer heckled her childhood between a father, senior official at Unesco and a mother of Guadeloupean origin, whose own mother was working as a housekeeper at the grandparents Leclerc (real surname Julien). Intriguing, the confidant of his girlfriend knows a pretty critical and popular success.
December 17, 2012 is the day of another promise of love. Julien Clerc and Helen Grémillon think they are husband for mayor of 16 th arrondissement of Paris , where they came to live in front of Maxime Le Forestier , Luc Plamondon, Philippe Labro , Jean-Loup Dabadie, Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy , among others. Dressed in a white frilly dress signed Jean Paul Gaultier , the promised warms the heart a little of her husband.
At home, each has its part to work. From time to time, Helen comes to surprise Julien leaned before his Yamaha piano keys. “It’s my first filter. She hears the music well ” , swear the singer who released a best-of Fans, I love you (Parlophone) this November 18th. After a second novel, The Apartment, published by Flammarion in 2013, continues his companion to make him read his new writings assured that it is “a great player” .
Their worlds intersect more prominently on the occasion. December 17, Julien animated the evening if we read on France 5. And that’s Helene laying back on a sailboat on the cover of her new single unpublished , between her and me .
There are no age, no season, no decor, no conditions, to love.