Juliette Binoche in a relationship with “someone yesteryear”: “I would like to live successfully in both”

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

Although discreet about the matter, Juliette Binoche has just allowed a few secrets about his love life. And good news, the heart of the actress struggles to someone for several months to the point of standing up moving in with him. However it still keeps to herself, the name of the lucky.

binocheLast April, Juliette Binoche then invited in Divan Marc-Olivier Fogiel confided no longer single. ” I came back with some old and it’s just great, ” had she exclaimed without saying more.
A little later, which received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1996 for her role in The English Patient, revealed in Paris Match: “My dream is to achieve a real life couple. For now, I’m not quite arrived. Somewhere, there is a couple that lasts since we always stayed in touch and we managed to reunite. Today, I would like to live together really succeed. To create together . ”
Clearly believe his latest confidences on the subject, it seems gone. Indeed, the actress of 52 years just to share in the magazine New Woman issues , what constitutes for her, the perfect recipe for happiness.
So when our sisters asked her what is the ultimate grail he had left to conquer, the actress replied: ” My Grails of the moment? Successful life together. Because I’m in love right now … because we are all different, how to be united without being caught by the other one? ”
Juliette Binoche has also entrusted also with the malice which characterizes what it does to be well on waking, in addition to swallow three large glasses of water: ” I also stretches to feel good in bed … pushing the lover who is next ! ”
The question is what is the name of the lucky his heart. We know that the actress had a beautiful love stories with André Hallé, father of her son Raphael (22 years), and Benoît Magimel, father his daughter Hannah (16 years) but also with director Leos Carax that the had revealed in Mauvais Sang and Les Amants du Pont-Neuf .