Jurassic World 2: Juan Antonio Bayona “You want more in the end!”

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Juan Antonio Bayona, who will lead the next Jurassic World, assures the future spectators: they will want more at the end!
While Juan Antonio Bayona promised Bryce Dallas Howard much more badass in Jurassic World 2 , the filmmaker continued his teasing around the suite. Difficult for a director to impose his vision on a blockbuster, especially when the latter is a command. But Juan Antonio Bayona seems very confident if we are to believe his latest statements about the film . It’s simple: the director of The Impossible think fans of the franchise will want even more to the end of the credits. The man has told The Playlist “The more complicated when performing a fifth film is how to bring new products while respecting the legacy of its predecessors. It’s all about balance between old and new. I think Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, has done a very good job on that side and rightly able to find that perfect balance . ”
“So I was very surprised when he explained where he wanted to bring Jurassic World 2, that is to say to places never seen at the moment, while retaining the fundamentals of the previous episodes of the franchise I found it very interesting … After this second chapter of the trilogy, you will want even more at the end! ” . The director of Jurassic World 2, including Captain America players and Prometheus have joined the cast , finished the interview by explaining why having agreed to direct the film : “After making The Impossible and few minutes after midnight, I wanted me laugh , Make a film of dinosaurs at the Spielberg! ” . That has the merit of being honest. What do you think ?