Jurassic World 2: Spider-Man 3, The Green Line … James Cromwell joined the cast

Cinema 3 March, 2017

The production of Jurassic World 2 has begun and a new actor has just joined the adventure!
It’s official, the shooting of Jurassic World 2 started! The film team has landed in London and the first pictures reach us, even though they do not give us any information on the plot that the writers have reserved for us. We told you last week that actress Daniella Pineda had been cast in Jurassic World 2 and it is today the arrival of James Cromwell that we learn. The actor seen in The Green Line or Spider-Man 3 will lend his features to a character whom we do not know, to change. We do not know if he will be on the side of the bad guys or the gentiles, whether he will help Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard or whether he will give them a hard time.
We know that the characters of Owen and Claire will be back and that new characters will be added to the plot that should not take place on Isla Nublar. While some of the Jurassic World plot may have been leaked online , we are looking forward to a first official synopsis being unveiled by Universal. Meanwhile, we follow Bryce Dallas Howard on Insta hoping that she will share with us (by mistake or not) an important detail!