Justice League: A battle with Superman teasee

Cinema 4 May, 2017

The return of Superman has been teased in Justice League but so far the Krypton judge is discreet. We now know that he will be at the heart of an important battle.
It’s no secret anymore, Superman aka Clark Kent will make his big comeback in Justice League despite his tragic end in Batman Vs Superman . If the promotional campaign around Zack Snyder’s film does not show it, we can rely on other clues about the resurrection of the justice from Krypton. Henry Cavill , who lent him his features, was present on the set and even offered the luxury of appearing on one of the official posters of the film. Today it is the products derived from the film that give us new clues about the role of Superman in this new adventure and we find him in full battle with paradamons alongside notably Wonder Woman.
Batman is also IN DA PLACE and the battle seems intense! Will Superman wake up just in time to spin a hand to his allies or will he be back at the beginning of the film? The Justice League is a new chance for the DC Comics to prove to the fans that fans and critics can be enjoyed … But before the Justice League comes to the cinema, Wonder Woman will have to do Its proof solo in June and for the most curious, a new extract is available on melty! What do you expect most from the Justice League?