Justice League: A character from Aquaman confirmed in an important role

Cinema 4 January, 2017

The superheroes will not miss in the film Justice League, it is confirmed that one of the characters of the film Aquaman will make its first appearance.
Among the most anticipated films of 2018 , Justice League is in a good position! It must be said that this gathering of superheroes DC Comics has enough to make him drool more than one. After admiring Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman share the spotlight, we can not wait to see more of their little comrades Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash on the big screen! Their brief cameo in Batman vs Superman were very successful as the trailer shown at the last Comic Con San Diego. But we still have to wait months months before discovering the dream team in the dark rooms. Meanwhile the production takes advantage to teaser a little the fans. Writer but also director of DC Entertainment, Geoff John has aroused the interest of users on Twitter by announcing that Mera (Aquaman companion) will have an important role in Justice League!
The writer has always enjoyed Aquaman and his wife where are palpable excitement over the social network: “Above all, the first live-action Mera!” Before adding “live-action cinema She was in Smalville but! I look forward to the important role that the Queen deserves! ” . Indeed in an episode of the series, one found Mera under the traits of the actress Elena Satine. This time the Queen of the Seas will be played by Amber Head whose first photos in costume have reassured and enthused the fans. With Justice League, it will be the first time that the character will be worn on the big screen before being found alongside Jason Momoa in Aquaman. There are few, Ezra Miller unveiled what relationship the Flash will be with the other heroes in Justice League , one now wonders what will become of Mera. What role will Mera have in Justice League?