Justice League: A character from Wonder Woman confirmed at the casting

Cinema 12 June, 2017

A character from Wonder Woman has just been confirmed to the Justice League cast. Except that there is a small problem. Warning, spoilers!
As you know, it’s not just Justice League members who will appear in the movie of the same name! Their entourage will also be part of the game, as will be the case for Mera and Vulko, two characters maintaining a very privileged relationship with Aquaman. Diana, who made her debut in the fun and powerful Wonder Woman last week , will also land with some emblematic figures of Themyscira Island. Because yes, one of the characters in Patty Jenkins’s film has just been confirmed to the Justice League cast and it’s not just any one. So, be careful, if you have not yet seen Wonder Woman , know that the suite contains a fairly consistent spoiler!
Connie Nielsen, the interpreter of Hippolyta herself who revealed the information in an interview with LA Times, during which she was led to evoke with Gal Gadot and Robin Wright the ties shared by their respective characters . As Gal Gadot says: ” The relationship between a mother and her daughter is a beautiful but complex relationship, I think there is still a lot to explore .” Connelly Nielsen adds: ” And [Robin Wright And I have the opportunity to do it a little bit more in the Justice League, as sisters, and as Badass heroines too, we can not tell you more, but … ” But that’s already enough! It is almost certain now that we will have the opportunity to see Antiope again in Justice League . Except there’s a catch. And even a big one! Because Antiope, who acts as a catalyst to push Diana to leave Themyscira in Wonder Woman , died, killed by a German soldier at the beginning of the film . So how could the Amazon come back? The most logical answer is of course: ” Through flashbacks .” Plunging back into the Amazon world and exploring the relationship between Antiope and Hippolyta would establish a solid connection between Justice League and Wonder Woman . Anyway, we will obviously be delighted to find Antiope, even if only in a small scene!