Justice League: A first look at the villain Steppenwolf unveiled!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

What will Steppenwolf look like when he lands in Justice League? It may be that we have an initial answer to this question thanks to a first glimpse of the villain!

As our five superheroes of Justice League are not asked to show themselves, so much the other major characters of the film are discreet! The editing of melty obviously speaks of a certain Kryptonian in blue and red and a villain come from elsewhere. If Superman will perhaps make an appearance in the next Justice League trailer, and if we already have an idea of ​​what it might look like, Steppenwolf prefers to entertain the mystery! And this from Batman V Superman, in which he pointed briefly at the end of his horns in a single scene which, in addition, had been cut off from the version of the film having been screened in the cinemas. In short, we are curious to see what it really looks like! And today, we have the opportunity to discover a little glimpse of this villain coming from the distant planet of Apokolips thanks to … derivative products.

Or, more precisely, with figurines, which will be diffused before the release of the film in theaters. In this photo, which comes straight from the site Batman News, one discovers therefore the vigilante of Gotham but also, therefore, the terrible Steppenwolf. That gives us a good overview of what it will look like in the movie! Of course, we can argue that the toys surrounding the output of the DC feature films take some liberties with certain details. Except that there, we have something to compare the figurine. This is of course the scene of Batman V Superman in which Steppenwolf made an appearance. And we can say that the toy looks quite like what we saw. One can distinguish the horned helmet, to the left of the character, a different chouia than the one seen the bad guy wearing in Batman V Superman. But the most interesting thing is that you can get a better idea of ​​Steppenwolf’s face. And it is not really very engaging! With good special effects, no doubt the character will be very impressive. Maybe we’ll have more information about the villain with the San Diego Comic Con, where part of the Justice League cast will be present!