Justice League: Erza Miller tease the personality of Flash

Cinema 17 July, 2017

What kind of behavior will Barry Allen of Justice League adopt when it comes to fighting crime? Ezra Miller, her interpreter, answers the question!

Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman … these are names that resonate with power. It must be said that those who wear them are serious. Protecting the world, wearing his superhero cross, putting his life in danger, necessarily forges character. Fortunately, next to these characters that are imagined a little solemn and imposing, there will be Cyborg, whose origins of powers could be (or not) revealed in Justice League, and especially Flash! Because you need to know now, the meltynauts, Barry Allen will be THE comic relief of the movie, one that will bring some of his good humor and carefree into the superhero team. The one ultimately to which one may be able to be more easily identified. Ezra Miller, his interpreter, has already given a lot of details about the personality of Flash. But today, it offers us some more information about the behavior of the young Speedster!

And Barry Allen will be expected to show some enthusiasm when he lands in Justice League to fight crime and super villains! In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he confided in his character’s behavior, saying: “It’s really a nerd both altruistic and endearing. [He reacts] a bit like a fan of Metallica Of 13 years to which Metallica would come to say: ‘We lost our drummer in a fucking accident! We need you to play the drums, man!’ ‘But I do not even have chopsticks!’ “. This, as we have seen, will not prevent him from going to play the superheroes to more experienced personalities than him and who will know to inculcate the strings of the trade! If Ezra Miller’s comparison is a bit colorful, she tells us that Barry Allen is not going to hesitate for a second to spin a hand in Batman, Wonder Woman & co. And so he will do it with eyes full of stars and smile on his lips. It remains to be seen if he will keep his enthusiasm when Steppenwolf, whose look is a little scary, will land in Justice League!