Justice League: Lex Luthor at the casting, a mythical place confirmed?

Cinema 5 January, 2017

The presence of Lex Luthor in the cast of Justice League should have put us on the chip. It would seem that a mythical place of comics is present in the film!

When one is a criminal of scale who misses a small box, one does not finish just behind bars! No, especially when you call the Joker, Harley Quinn or Lex Luthor and you’re one of the worst bad guys DC Comics that exist. And here, fans of Batman may see where the editing of melty is coming. And yes, among the many mythical places introduced in the comics, the most terrifying and chilling of them is none other than Arkham Asylum – Arkham Asylum or VO – psychiatric and correctional institute where all land disturbed that The bat man manages to stop. Suffice to say that it is not frankly good to live! And the famous asylum may well serve as decoration for some scenes in Justice League. Because, as you know, an important figure of DCEU – aka Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) – is in the cast of the film and we all remember the last scene he shared with Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman . You know, the one where our vigilant announced that he would rot … in a cell in Arkham Asylum precisely . What we put a flea in the ear, especially a new evidence seems to confirm the presence of this mythical place in the movie Justice League !
And it is on the record IMDB of Justice League – and in particular on the list of its cast – that is the famous proof. Indeed, we read that a Eghan Daniel plays the guard … Arkham number 2 (where is the 1 that, mystery)! So yes, it seems that the camera of Zack Snyder drags us into the corridors of the Asylum of Arkham, probably to allow us to cross again Lex Luthor. This is not it, after all, came into contact with Steppenwolf, as could reveal the deleted scenes from Batman vs Superman ? And is he not aware that the creatures of Apokolips are about to invade the Earth? If Justice League , part with Star Wars 8 of the most anticipated films of 2017 , could actually make us into the famous madhouse, it would not however the first to do cinema. Suicide Squad had already given us a glimpse of Arkham Asylum during scenes between the Joker and Harleen Quinzel. But apart from the small room where the two characters met for their psychiatry session, we had not seen much. Let’s hope that Justice League will prove a little more generous to that level! It remains to see if the version of the film will be very different from that presented in the series Gotham , who mentioned … sometimes you think might look like asylum in the film?