Justice League, Star Wars 8, Thor Ragnarok … What program for the Comic Con of San Diego 2017?

Cinema 5 July, 2017

It’s a must-see if you’re a fan of superhero and science fiction movies. You are given an overview of the San Diego Comic Con 2017 program.

The event of the year for all fans of superheroes and science fiction is fast approaching! Yes, as every summer many fans will meet in California to discover the latest news and the first images of the films they look forward to. So what do distributors reserve for us this year? Are we going to finish the month of July with stars full of eyes? So we warn you, there are good and bad news especially for fans of Star Wars! Yeah, we’re right away wearing the bad news like that afterwards, you dress your wounds with cool news!

It’s official, Lucasfilm / Disney teams will not be presenting either Star Wars The Last Jedi or Han Solo, a Star Wars Story at the end of the month. A decision that will not surprise anyone since Disney wants to keep as many mysteries possible around the next installment of the saga and so a panel at Comic Con would force the Team to give details. As for the Spin Off, things have moved quite a bit lately, especially with the departure of the two directors of the Star Wars film concentrated on Han Solo, so the team must readjust and it is not necessarily the right one Time to come and talk to the fans. That or so Disney has decided to reserve all exclusivities for its own convention the D23 which will be held a week before the Comic Con. We cross fingers !

DC Comics should be fairly present level series, but for the cine side, we’re sure of nothing! Joss Whedon, who took over from Zack Snyder on the Justice League post-prod announced that he will not be present at the time, it is not known if the team will come. With a release planned for the month of November, it would be really surprising if a final trailer were not revealed at Comic Con 2017, especially since the film could still benefit from the big success of Wonder Woman. Perhaps Zack Snyder will come himself to present the new images in the company of his justiciers? We would also like Ben Affleck to propose some images of the solo film devoted to Batman, especially since the project is the subject of many rumors so it would be cool to reassure the fans a bit. If he’s there for Justice League, do as much as two strokes of a stone!

What do we expect from Marvel Studios? A LOT ! Already we are almost certain to have new images of Thor Ragnarok and the film team should come to meet the fans present on the spot. The film is released in the fall and we have for the moment had the right to only one trailer. Chris Hemsworth and his co-stars have inevitably new things to show us on Ragnarok which promises to be a re-new for the Thor franchise! Another film of the MCU expected at Comic Con of San Diego, Black Panther. The first adventures of T’Challa at the Wakanda are scheduled for February 2018 and a first trailer of Black Panther was unveiled a few weeks ago. We hope to get two or three crisp details in addition. And then obviously we cross the fingers to get some making-off images of the highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War since most of the stars of the film have already finished shooting the first film. Hope keeps alive!