Justice League: What relationship Flash will have with other heroes according to Ezra Miller!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

Flash is the comic element of Justice League. But with his overwhelming enthusiasm, what relationship will he maintain with the other members of the group?
Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman … ah, that’s for sure, there are some beautiful people in the cast of Justice League ! This small line-up superhero suffices to make drooling any geek or fan of comics, which earned him a place among the most anticipated films of 2017 alongside Beauty and the beast . For certainly we are eager to see them give a beating to the super-villain (s), Steppenwolf in mind, but we are especially curious to discover … how they will interact with each other. Imagine Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) rubbing at Aquaman (Jason Momoa), it leaves you dreamy, right? Especially since, according to information circulating, the young man played by Ezra Miller is a little comic relief of the film. But how the superhero with enthusiasm – as has been realizing in the first trailer – he will integrate this group of fighters hyper evil badass ? The best place to answer this question is certainly Ezra Miller himself!
Interviewed on the subject by Entertainment Weekly, the young actor gave some details on the relationship that his character will maintain with the rest of the Justice League. And as you will see, Barry Allen may have a vision … rather special group . ” Flash is Ringo Starr. It annoys everyone but it is not in conflict with anyone. Uncle Fish Curry [Aquaman] is kind of grumpy. Dad [Batman] can be as grumpy. But that’s because it has long fought crime. Wonder Woman is therefore very considerate, even though the Flash annoys him, she always demonstrated great compassion . “. Ah, it promises, well! Basically, Barry Allen is a bit the irritating but always cheerful and good-natured kid who is being dragged a bit by obligation. That does not mean that we love him less than the others! The Flash is there to support the group in its fight thanks to its extraordinary speed but also to add a little lightness to the dynamics of the team. By cons, it is unclear what is the place of Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ) in this story. Perhaps he holds the role of the big brother a little too serious. Anyway, the Flash will surely be untenable. Fortunately Alfred (Jeremy Irons) will be there to calm things down in Justice League ! Are you eager to get to know Ezra Miller’s Flash?