Justice League: Will Superman be unveiled in the next trailer?

Cinema 26 June, 2017

A description of the next Justice League trailer would have leaked on the net. And according to her, Superman could finally appear in all its power!

It’s not because trailers of upcoming movies are getting longer and longer that they necessarily reveal ALL the plot. Well, it’s true, the trailer of Batman V Superman had spoiled everyone by unveiling the arrival (rather noticed) of an angry Doomsday. So that no one really expected. But as a promotional campaign, Justice League has not yet unveiled one of the most boring questions, namely: where the hell is Superman ?! We saw him, of course, on one or two posters of the film and we know that he will eventually emerge from his coffin! But for now, it is obviously not known in what way and, above all, whether he will always be on the side of Batman & co . Even though we learned that a secondary character from Wonder Woman has been confirmed to the Justice League cast , we are still unaware of what is happening around the Kryptonian. And it still remains to be a good time. Unless, of course, our superhero from space is unveiled in the second trailer of Justice League …
Because it is there, all beautiful, fresh, this rumor that the next trailer of the film will give us to see again Superman in all its splendor ! Some elements of description of the trailer would have been gathered by the site DCEU Leaks, that the editorial of melty brings you here. It says: ” Batman goes with his vehicle to a sort of ship when Superman, dressed in a black suit, wearing a beard and long hair, landed right in front, smiling wickedly and having the Red eyes (with fire in the background a rain of ashes) and Batman seems to say ‘Oh m *** e’, just before the trailer ends . As for the rest of the description, he evokes a discussion between Aquaman and Vulko,
DC Comics, Warner Bros, Justice League, Nasty, Steppenwolf, Darkseid, Role, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Good. What about all that, really? Imagine Superman with long hair and look nasty, it’s a bit hard, we admit. But in fact, it has already happened in comics, just after the narrative arc ” The death of Superman ” in 1992, which saw our superhero sacrifice to defeat … Doomsday. And he also wore a black suit. For the rest, the description of this second trailer remains fairly credible , even with regard to the Mother Box since we are almost 100% sure now that the Atlanteans protect one. Does this mean that it can be taken seriously? Difficult to say for now, obviously. In reality, we see quite badly Justice League grilling all its cartridges at once, Especially as the return of Superman is still much anticipated. It will be necessary to wait until the diffusion of this second trailer, which will perhaps take place during the Comic Con of San Diego , to have the clear heart. In the meantime, we can be sure of one thing. If the role of Superman is still very mysterious, that of Wonder Woman in Justice League remains, it, unchanged ! What do you think ?