Justin Bieber: A man used his identity to trick his fans

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

In the fans, scams are sometimes frequent and the usurpations of identities quite common. Justin Bieber and his fans paid the price because a surfer posed as the singer on the Internet.
Hard time for Justin Bieber! While the relationship of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez came to light there is little he would be jealous? He tackled the singer in a recent video . While a paparazzi asked him if he listens to the music of Abel Tesfaye, the interpreter of “Sorry” said no and that “this is shit” … At least it’s live! Hard to see her ex happy with another. It is currently not the only worry of Justin Bieber since it is found indirectly in the heart of a bad buzz! When you’re a fan, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in people who, through the internet, pretend to be your favorite star and it’s much more common than you imagine. And unfortunately, these usurpations are sometimes made inappropriately … In the US, a user has passed to Justin Bieber with some of his fans and has heavily benefited from recent …
Named Bryan Asrary, this 24-year-old surfer from Massachusetts had fun to enjoy some Beliebers a bit too naive. In addition to using the name of Justin Bieber without remorse through the web, this young man also asked for very intimate photos to the fans with whom he was in contact by offering in exchange free access to his concerts or even private concerts . Several fans have fallen into the scam but the little game of Bryan Asrary is not dated today since the young man would have already made some victims around 2009 posing as an intermediary of his idol via a page on Justin Bieber On Instagram and put pressure on some fans. Arrested a few weeks ago after his scam, Bryan Asrary incurs a heavy penalty. Not sure that this mishap like it much to the singer … Anyway, new rumors about Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian, the star replied on his best pair ! Have you ever been a victim of a fake like this?