Justin Bieber accused of mistreating his pets?

Entertainment 8 January, 2017

For the Canadian singer, the year 2017 seems to be the year of bad buzz. After being lynched by the PETA, a new information makes polemic, you are told more!
Does he really like animals? This is certainly a question that everyone is asking. It must be said that the Canadian singer who plays the world over for his music (and its beauty), continues to defray the chronicle. And not in the good sense of the word. Recently, we learned that Justin Bieber was at the heart of a scandal because of a compromising video could fuiter on the Web. And the least that can be said is that the images of this video could shock more than one: Justin who is filming himself masturbating, what more terrifying for his fans? But for now, the interpreter Sorry made about him for a different reason, and that is not brighter … It tells you why!
Remember, a few months ago Justin Bieber was violently clashing with PETA. Indeed, following a photograph where the artist revealed himself with an enormous fur coat, the protective association of animals had been directly insurgent and had scandalized scandal. Today, once again, the singer with the millions of records sold is accused of mistreating his pets. The reason ? Too busy with her tour, her studio recordings and all its projects, Justin abandon his companions every time and do not take care . There are some months, Justin became the father of Todd, a little Chow Chow 7 months old . But he quickly separated because he was too absent and could not handle it properly. So he decided to give the dog to one of his dancers. The star has forgotten to tell his dancer: his dog is suffering from a serious illness, dysplasia, and could never again remarry if he is not operated (an operation that costs more than 8,000 dollars). The dancer, CJ Salvador , who did not want to star, unveiled this message on Instagram: .. “Todd is now a Salvador My parents adopted the US gives the responsibility to deal with it I ‘ have not asked for money to Justin Bieber because he has nothing to do with the situation . ” Since then, a jackpot has been launched, and more than $ 8,500 has been raised. OUF, Todd will be able to get surgery! Justin Bieber accused of mistreating his pets?