Justin Bieber back, he tease a new album for 2017?

Entertainment 21 March, 2017

In full tour with his Purpose Tour, would Justin Bieber begin to give us some clues about his next album?
Justin Bieber has not finished with his huge world tour that travels all the continents of the planet. After a short trip to Australia, which allowed him to rest a bit between dates, it is expected in South America from March 23, 2017. Moreover, the young man begins to crack and fell a cable against The paparazzi not long ago. Under pressure lately, he would need a little break in this frantic life, especially as fans begin to want to discover new songs from their idol. Moreover, the 23-year-old may have left a clue about a possible new album.
Back on Instagram, Justin again shares a lot with his fans. He recently unveiled his two huge new tattoos but not that. On a black and white photo, he posted a snapshot of the Scrabble with rather enigmatic words. “Love” , “Peace” , “Gentelness” or “Self-Control” . Words that all have more or less the same meaning or deliver a benevolent message. If for some this photo does not mean anything, apart from wanting to express the state of mind in which the young artist is at present, for others on the other hand, this would be precious indications. If in this innocent game were hiding titles of new songs, and so a possible new album for 2017? In any case, this new post is certainly not insignificant. What do you think ?