Justin Bieber, big brother very attentive … and sexy at the beach

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

Justin Bieber is the ideal big brother. On a family vacation in Los Angeles, he was very attentive to his younger sister, Jazmyn.

Like many other celebrities, Justin Bieber chose to spend his Christmas holidays in a swimsuit for a few days of holidays in the sun and on the beach. This year, the singer put on his best pink swim shorts, and flew to Los Angeles to join his family after his world tour. The Daily Mail was able to get exclusive photos from this trip. It shows the pop star for teenagers very complicit with his little sister, Jazmyn. He even gets adorable as he embarks on a yoga session with her before carrying his bucket and sand shovel to avoid the trouble of doing so.
It is not the first time that Justin Bieber shows his affection for his little sister and his little brother, Jaxon. On Instagram it a year ago, he had dedicated them a very touching message. “Honestly, I did not expect to love anyone like I love these two children,” he wrote in the first legend of a beautiful black and white where he got his brother and sister by the hand.
In the rest of his post, Justin Bieber also told how Jaxon and Jazmyn influenced him and changed him for the better. ” They are strong, kind and intelligent and so charismatic! They constantly want me to be better and I believe they will make me a better parent one day. I am so blessed and honored to play such an important role in their city, and I look forward to seeing what they will become. And I know what they become, I will be proud! ” This year the magazine Glamour , he even confided that his greatest dream was to found ” (his) own family. ”