Justin Bieber depressed not having a date for Valentine’s Day

Poor Justin Bieber is single! On Valentine’s Day, he was almost in tears announcing that he did not have a Valentine.
Justin Bieber is not really a fan of the couple formed by Selena Gomez and The Weeknd and has recently tackled the interpreter of “Starboy” . If her ex-girlfriend and her new darling had a perfect Valentine’s Day one-on-one on a luxurious yacht, February 14 was very different for the Canadian singer. Indeed, poor Justin Bieber has no one to share Valentine’s Day. The pop star has been single for several months and the solo party is not easy for everyone . There are more than one who would be delighted to be the Valentine of Justin Bieber but the interpreter of “Sorry” was apparently well and truly alone for the 14 of February. The singer then confided in his fans via his account Instagram . Justin Bieber admits not to have Valentine and was almost on the verge of tears!
Justin Bieber seemed devastated to be alone for Valentine’s Day. On Instagram , he was forced to admit that he has spent the feast of love solo! On the video, Justin Bieber explains: “I have no food, I have no work, the head of our pets falls, I do not have a Valentine.” Before almost bursting into tears. If the singer seemed really upset, do not worry all is well for him! He only cites the comedy film Dumb and Dumber ! If Bella Hadid was devastated following the magical Valentine’s Day of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd , This is not the case of Justin Bieber who prefers to take his celibacy with humor although he no longer hides to clasher the new couple. One thing is for sure, he was far from depressing at Valentine’s Day. And you, what do you think of Justin Bieber’s little joke?

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