Justin Bieber in danger? Paris Jackson is afraid for him and reveals ALL secrets

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

When you go to read the confessions of Paris Jackson, you are going to be really afraid for Justin Bieber
After Kylie Jenner & her short hair, Justin Bieber EBP HEAD … Farewell fetus cut for the Biebs, he returns to look more bad boy. But even if he plays hard, he remains a great boss! He works hard to give you the best Purpose World Tour possible. That’s why we love him and for nothing in the world the Beliebers would want that something happens to him. Just imagine it must twist your stomach! Except that Paris, the daughter of Michael Jackson, just sound the ALARM in his interview for Rolling Stones : “AEG Live was managing turned to my father and they do not treat their artists.”
It must be said that it gives ALL on stage

“I’ve been to Justin’s concert recently, he was tired, trying to look good, and when I looked at my ticket and saw that” AEG Live managed the tour, I rethought at that time when my father was exhausted all the time, but could not even sleep! ” Fortunately, Justin decided to take a break of several months during his tour, just to be able to rest. The important thing for his Beliebers is that he is GOOD and that he remains himself. After all, the world would be without Justin Bieber super generous, who sells his Ferrari and offers the gift of the century the new owner ??