Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Sexion d’assaut … Celebrate Mother’s Day with our playlist of the week

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

On the occasion of Mother’s Day in France this Sunday, melty offers you a special playlist for this event.
We meet again this week for a new playlist. May 28 is Mother’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate our dear moms and to thank them with a nice gift and a family day . To accompany you, melty thought of the ideal playlist to accompany this day with some notes of music. We start with Justin Bieber, who forgot the words of a song in full concert , and his title “Turn To You” , which was created especially to celebrate his mother. A lovely declaration of love, somewhat similar to that of Kanye West with her song “Hey Mama” . Inevitably, one could not miss the song “The eyes of the mama” , Which made the success of Kendji Girac . Another personality of The Voice, Louane, made a hymn for the one who gave her life, with a sound called simply “Maman” .
The hard-hitting band Sexion d’Assaut also paid tribute to their mother, singing “Before she left” . On the American side, the two blondes Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift, who is a couple with Joe Alwyn , also made a chunk for their mum. Meghan sang “Mom” while Taylor performed “The Best Day” . In the rap also one pays homage, like 2pac and its project “Dear Mama” , Gradur with “Maman” and Rohff, “Always your child” . Sounds that can inspire you for pretty poems or a few words to slip in your mother’s ear this Sunday . We meet next week for a new music list! What have you planned for this day?