Justin Bieber megalo? His star whims unveiled

Entertainment 6 May, 2017

Justin Bieber, the worst divas? Uncomfortable information was revealed about the singer …
Justin Bieber is overworked, to the extent that his fans have been worried about his health and that a newspaper has interviewed a psychologist to assess the situation of the singer. And it is not brilliant: overworked, on the verge of a crisis of nerves and watched by the depression, Selena Gomez’s ex would ill live its intense media coverage. Yet if the pressure of the fans and the press is sometimes difficult, the celebrity also has its advantages! Indeed, the Telegraph site managed to obtain a document from the assistants of Justin Bieber, which lists all that the singer requires before performing in concert. And the list is long! Very specific food, ping pong table, private Jacuzzi, multi-storey redecorated hotels, yoga books, books explaining the principles of the chakras, masseuse,
And of course that’s not all, since the singer also requires that he be provided with two buses, a private jet and a helicopter, history that he can have access to the bare minimum in terms of comfort. After all, why travel in Vélib when you have the means? Justin Bieber, obviously traumatized by his passage in prison , apparently decided to make the most of his life as a successful singer, and to drop the drug to the benefit of yoga and meditation, between two parties Table tennis. But despite everything one can not help but find the requests of the interpreter of Sorry a bit exaggerated. Especially since according to the Telegraph , in 2010 Justin Bieber asked only tea and sweets, He was on tour! Would the blond singer platinum have taken the big head in recent years? One thing is for sure, it’s not this kind of story that will begin its popularity … What do you think of Justin’s attitude?