Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner … The photos that marked the Web in 2016!

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

As usual, celebrities have made the buzz this year with different shots that have gone around the web!
Our dear people are not only talking about them thanks to their punchlines or trades, but also thanks to the many clichés circulating on the Web sometimes taken against their will. Although our people often feed their social networks, it does not stop them from finding themselves regularly in the pages of magazines or sir la Toile. Nobody escapes and this year several celebrities have even been caught in the simplest device! Yesterday Blac Chyna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber was in the top of the biggest bad buzz in 2016 , and the Canadian singer will also lead off pictures that marked the Web in 2016. Return on sometimes embarrassing clichés, but are still Of the effect!
Same fight for the two men who were photographed without any clothing this summer! While he was having a good time in Hawaii with his girlfriend of the Sahara Ray era, the singer was photographed in the simplest device. The clichés were not slow to go around the Web arousing a great interest with Internet users … Just like Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom also spent a summer in the cool with his half Katy Perry. In August, the couple enjoyed a few days of calm on the Italian beaches. The program bronzette but also paddle to be spent a little! An activity that the actor of 39 years had decided to perform all naked contrary to Katy Perry. Unfortunately the paparazzi were not far away and immortalized this moment. Following the release of clichés, Orlando Bloom chose to laugh by sharing a short video on Instagram where he was running to catch the one who had stolen her swimsuit!
Selena Gomez
Although it has had an eventful year, the singer has raised her head to come back even stronger thanks to the support of her loved ones as well as millions of fans. The popularity of Selena Gomez is no longer to be proven. On Instagram, the young woman beats Beyoncé or even her friend Taylor Swift with more than 105 million subscribers at the moment. It was on September 25 that the singer became the first personality to reach the 100 million subscribers on Instagram! Her shots spark adhesion like the one where she holds a bottle of Coca with lyrics on the label, an image that has harvested more than 6 million like becoming the most liked image in the history of the network. but the young woman also causing concern. In early October pictures with a fan appeared on the Internet showing the emaciated singer. In fact since returning Selena Gomez is leaner than ever, fans are worried! We wish him a Good recovery with all these projects in progress!
It was THE romance of summer 2016. Freshly separated from Calvin Harris, the singer surprised everyone by unveiling arm of Tom Hiddleston! The first pictures taken by the paparazzi showed the couple strolling in love at Rhodes Island and exchanged kisses. A news that caused a real earthquake on the Web! Shortly after the release of the photos, the couple’s relationship was formalized social network or Taylor Swift is queen Instagram. During the celebration of July 4, the singer had gathered several of her close friends in her house. The opportunity to take a very romantic shot in the company of other couples including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately after a highly publicized romance of a few months, the couple separated but seems to have remained on good terms.
Kylie Jenner
These are not the missing photos about Kylie Jenner. The young woman is a regular photo shoots without counting the shots she shares about her Instagram . The latter, a cliché particularly caught our attention, it is losrque the youngest of the clan had released the great game for Halloween! On this occasion, Kylie Jenner chose to slip into the skin of Christina Aguilera in her video “Dirty”. With the same red, white and black dress, the same hairstyle, and even adorned with the piercings that the singer was wearing at the time, Kylie was unrecognizable! A total success that was even applauded by the singer in person on Instagram.
Kim Kardashian
A photo published by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on 7 March 2016 at 0h07 PST
Although she has deserted social networks for (too) long weeks, the queen of selfie has made strong during this year 2016! Last March, Kim revealed on her account Instagram a selfie of her showing her totally naked. Rules of the social network obliges, the young mother had camouflaged the parts of his body likely to cause a banishment of the network. With this selfie, Kim had inflamed the Web causing many reactions, positive as well as negative. Far from being disturbed by this avalanche of comments, the young woman had replied by displaying topless and major drawn in the company of the model Emily Ratajkowski! For the Kardashians were more conventional festivals, discover the best photos of Christmas 2016 Kourtney, Kim, Khloé Kardashian! What photo captured your attention in 2016?