Justin Bieber SORRY for Selena Gomez, discover LA conversation!

Yes you are not dreaming, Justin was in SORRY mode for Selena when her song came out and this call the PRO
Selena Gomez finally unveils “It Is not Me” … We have SPOTTED Justin Bieber and the heavy autotune ! And YES the lyrics really seem to be referring to the Biebs. But hey, it would not be the first time that Sel and Justin are dedicating a song, lawiiiiin from there. Last, “Sorry” , which everyone saw as a true message of excuse to Salt. And guess what? That was the case! The composer Justin Tranter called him before the release to tell him about it: “I never met Justin, I just knew that the recording session was for him, sometimes pop culture to write a song “What we are talking about in” Sorry “, everyone has experienced this moment in” I need to apologize there. “It is a universal feeling, but knowing how the world perceived it at that time , I thought that an apology would not hurt him “.

“I know Selena very well, we are good friends and collaborators, she’s very open about her feelings so it’s easy to write with her.” When we knew that “Sorry” was going to come out and it was Justin, Called her to warn her that this song was coming, because it’s people’s lives, it’s real life and you have to be sincere with your friends . ” So Selena was well aware that Justin was dedicating a new song to her since the beginning! Big news … So we wonder if she also warned him of the release of “It Is not Me” ? Not sure since Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & The Weeknd were together at the 2017 Grammy Awards, it was DRAMA fashion and completely WTF. Did you know that “Sorry” was for Selena?

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