Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction … These singers for whom Ed Sheeran wrote songs

Entertainment 24 May, 2017

Known for his singing talents, Ed Sheeran is also a very good writer, who wrote for a package of stars.
On March 3, Ed Sheeran unveiled his new album, ÷ . A new opus, on which is a worldwide tube: ‘Shape on you’ . Already more or less known in the past, with this nugget, the popularity of the English singer has since literally exploded. Result? Now, he is invited everywhere, as was the case for example at the Billboard Music Awards 2017, where Ed Sheeran played his piece Castle on the hill in a masterful way. The public now knows Ed Sheeran the singer, who happens to set the mood in huge rooms, while he is alone on stage, only accompanied by his guitar. But do they know Ed Sheeran the author?
“I think writing is a form of therapy,” he said recently to our colleagues at BBC Radio 4 . “I think that whenever I felt bad, the only thing that put me right was to write a song on it, because at least you take something positive from a Bad experience ” declares the one to whom it happens to write up ” 4 or 5 songs per day ” . And these songs, if he does not keep them for himself, do not end up in the trash, but rather in the mouths of others. Because yes, the redhead writes for other artists, and he does not do it for anyone: Justin Bieber, Robbie Willams.
Have you heard “Love Yourself” and “Cold Water” by Justin Bieber? “Everything has changed” Taylor Swift squatted the playlist of your evenings for several months? The album Up all night is your favorite of One Direction? Have you ever wondered about Robbie Williams ‘ “Pretty Woman” ? You had tears in the eye listening to “Make me better” by James Blunt? Well, you can say a big thank you to Ed Sheeran (who is 4th in the Billboard Hot 100 this week) , because he wrote or co-wrote all of these songs. And now, in addition to those songs, it will also monitor the credits of the clips: As he just revealed recently, Ed now wants to move on to the realization … A new career in sight? What do you think of the songs written by Ed Sheeran?
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