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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


It is to the poster of the new Woody Allen, Wonder Wheel, in cinemas this Wednesday. Justin Timberlake was first told honored to work with a filmmaker of this caliber. But the accusations of sexual assault against it have created a certain uneasiness …

The aftershocks of the earthquake Weinstein are more numerous. And they touch once more Woody Allen. Already accused by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow of sexual harassment and assault in 2014, relating to events dating back to his childhood, the director sees that his actors turn to the back one after the other. In these times of freedom of speech of women, and increased fight against the harassment, it is not good to have a claim against a developer accused by her own daughter.

A poster of the Wonder Wheel, Justin Timberlake, such as Kate Winslet, have never spoken on the matter. They were so happy to be solicited by a director considered by many as a genius, they have not dared to “spit in the soup” : “I must tell you that I was initially very intimidated by Woody Allen. This is a director who really has his own style. “Interviewed by our correspondent in Hollywood on cases of harassment, the actor and singer has remained right in his boots: I grew up alone with my mother so I am extremely aware of the cause of women. It is extremely sad what is currently happening in Hollywood.” No question to Justin Timberlake to leave dirty by scandals affecting its director.

He, moreover, has not hesitated to wear a little badge ” Time’s up “, the name of the association for the fight against violence against women, during the last Golden Globes ceremony. The actor affirms, in fact, be part of the actors of the feminist: “I hope that this will at least have the merit of give the strength and courage to women to take the floor. I think of my mother and of course to my wife and the little girl that I could possibly have one day.”

Interview by Hervé Tropéa

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